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Epic Infotech is an innovative IT consulting and staffing firm rooted in the BIPOC community. With a mission to redefine IT excellence, we leverage diverse perspectives to drive innovation and deliver top-tier solutions. Offering expert IT consulting, staffing services, and a commitment to inclusivity, we bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the underrepresented talent of the BIPOC community. Our vision envisions an IT landscape where diversity propels progress, celebrating BIPOC voices and contributions. At Epic Infotech, we're not just shaping the future of IT – we're empowering a united, inclusive tech ecosystem that thrives on differences and paves the way for equitable success.

  • IT Scalability and Strategy
  • Infrastructure Enhancement
  • Digital User Experience
  • Application Development
  • Telecom Solutions

Epic Infotech: BIPOC-rooted IT consulting & staffing. Innovating with diversity, bridging tech excellence, and empowering underrepresented talent.

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Whether you are business decision makers, IT leaders, procurement managers, or HR and talent professionals looking for ways to strategically better your company’s position or IT professionals looking for rewarding careers within their field, Epic Infotech has the creative and budget-friendly solutions for you.

Microsoft D365

We maintain a significant and extensive footprint within Microsoft Dynamics 365, spanning Finance & Operations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Customer Engagement (CE) domains.

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We have meticulously crafted a comprehensive framework strategically aimed at adeptly steering you through the successive stages of your DevOps evolution.

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Cyber Security

In the event of a cyber attack, rest assured that Epic Staffing possesses the essential expertise to swiftly restore your business operations to full functionality.

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Cloud Transformation

Whether you're considering a phased migration of legacy applications to the cloud or a comprehensive transformation, count on Epic InfoTech to provide unwavering support throughout the process.

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Service Now

We're an official ServiceNow partner, delivering a range of powerful solutions to improve your business.From managing IT services and operations to enhancing HR processes, customer service, and security operations

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Agile Transformation

At Epic InfoTech, our relentless pursuit of enhancing client experiences drives us to continually explore inventive tools and approaches.

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We Know the Right People!

We are a top ServiceNow Consulting Partner in Twin Cities area with a 30+ member of ServiceNow Certified Consultants.

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Contract/Temporary Staffing

Fulfill project needs with seasoned IT specialists on a flexible, temporary basis.

Direct Placement

Find permanent IT professionals for your organization's full-time positions efficiently.


Secure top talents in temporary roles with the option for permanent employment upon mutual satisfaction.

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At Epic Infotech, our IT Staffing Services elevate your projects with the right professionals, maximizing efficiency and innovation.
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